He Yee Dao Karate Association

The martial art we practice is Tae Kwon Do, which is Korean Karate and is purported to be the oldest of all the martial arts. The literal translation of Tae Kwon Do is "The Art of Kicking and Punching."

He Yee Dao, the name of our school, is Chinese for "The Universal Way"; universal because Tae Kwon Do is the most widespread of all the martial arts. The proper pronunciation of He Yee Dao is best explained as follows: Huh E Daho (enunciated as one word). Association was chosen over club or school since association means fellowship, companionship, or organization of persons having common interests and purposes. What better way to explain our group?

Our uniform patch is an original design depicting "The Path to Enlightenment." Note the silver path starting in the darkness of beginning, progressing through the gateway into the golden light of knowledge, and on to infinity, the goal of perfection. On the left side of the gate are the Chinese Characters for He Yee Dao, on the right is script for the same, and surrounding the whole is the English translation, "The Universal Way."

New Students

New students are welcomed to start at any time.

Private Lessons

Private lessons available by appointment.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Updates October 9, 2016

The He Yee Dao Karate Association welcomes the following new students to classes. At Norwood we welcome, Trinity and Ryan to the Youth Class. Good luck to both of you as your martial arts journeys begin.

Thursday September 29, 2016 two students successfuly tested in the Adult/Teen class at Norwood. Morgan  Phelix achieved the rank of 2nd Gyup, 1st Stripe Brown Belt. Alan Boswell earned the rank of 5th Gyup, Blue Belt. Congratulations.

For the third year the He Yee Dao Karate Association has been invited and agreed to participate in the Banford elementary School's after school program. We will present two introductory participatory classes regarding the martial arts on Thursdays October 20th and 27th.

Any questions call 315 244 0753.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mr.Tim Brown, Sensei

Monday August 29, 2016 Tim Brown of Massena and a member of the Adult/Teen class, successfully tested and achieved the rank of 1st Dan, degree, Black Belt and the title of Sensei [ because he will teach martial arts to others]. Tim demonstrated all required skills along with associated endurance in strikes, kicks, forms, sparing,  self defense against hand to hand, knife and gun attacks from multiple attackers. Tim also submitted a required essay and discussed the history of Tae Kwon Do.

Sensei Brown will continue his learning of the martial arts as a member of the Norwood Adult/Teen class and teaching classes at the Mohawk School beginning September 13, 2016.

Congratulations Sensei Brown. Photos to follow soon on this site and the He Yee Dao Facebook page.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

2nd Dan [degree] Black Belts Earned

Sensei[s] Patrick Facteau and Nathan Rheome successfully tested and earned their 2nd Degree Black Belt s on a very warm evening, Monday August 1 2016 at the Norwood school. The test were conducted outside in the heat on uneven ground. The candidates demonstrated precise martial arts techniques, individual endurance and improvisation to situations presented

To reach this level, Patrick and Nathan have devoted years of individual practice, the teaching other students the arts and solid consistency, creativity and dedication to the He Yee Dao Karate Association. Congratulations gentlemen. Best of luck as your martial arts journeys continue.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kick The Couch III Demonstration, Well Done

What a Demo. Congratulations to all students and instructors for a job well done, The martial arts skills were well executed, everyone was prepared, the technology and staging were impressive and the crowd was great.

A special thanks goes to Sensei Patrick Facteau and Brown Belt 3rd Stripe Tim Brown, for their creative talents and countless hours of preparation. He Yee Dao Karate Association also thanks the families, friends and students who brought a dish to pass for the after demo refreshments.

Click for the Kick the Couch III Gallery

Monday, August 15, 2011


In the September 2011 issue of Black Belt magazine, there is an article by Kim Soo entitled TAE KWON DO FOR HEALTH. Within the article there is a definition of the martial arts that is very much in line with the philosophy of the He Yee Dao Karate Association,in what we believe and strive to teach. Specifically:

"THE MARTIAL ARTS are more than a sport, more than tournament fighting, more than self-defense. When taught right, they are a way of life that combines philosophical insight with physical training to create mentally strong and independent individuals who can fight frailty and weakness as well as internal enemies like doubt, insecurity, and stress"

We believe the above to be true and applicable to all who join He Yee Dao, regardless of physical ability, age, size, previous experience, and personal challenges.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Reference Text

For everyone's general information, the He Yee Dao Karate Association's primary reference source for history, a variety of skills, forms, and self defense techniques we utilize, is the book, TAE KWON DO, THE KOREAN MARTIAL ART, by Richard Chun.

This book provides detailed information in narrative, pictures and diagrams of nearly all of the skills required to advance from White to Black Belt. It is not required that students purchase the book. For the students who may want to enhance their practice outside of class, this is an excellent resource.

Amazon.com is the best source to explore purchase options if interested. If you would like to preview the book, see Sensei.